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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Head Teachers:                    Mr M Cooney

                                           Mrs J Dolphin


Early Years Family

Nursery Teacher:                 Mrs K Robertson

Teaching Assistants:           Mrs Skinner and Mrs Finch


Reception Teacher:             Ms N Stevens

Teaching Assistants:           Mrs Cowan, Mrs Gowler and Mrs Izzett


Key Stage One

Year 1 Teacher:                  Mrs J Roberts

Teaching Assistant:            Mrs Lamb, Mrs Cowan and Mrs Izzett


Year 2 Teacher:                  Miss J Ellis

Teaching Assistant:            Miss Neesam


Key Stage Two

Year 3 Teacher:                  Miss K Leslie

Teaching Assistant:            Miss Hill


Year 4 Teacher:                  Miss L Railton

Teaching Assistant:            Mrs Van Zyl


Year 5 Teacher:                  Mrs R Docherty

Teaching Assistant:            Mrs Coverdale


Year 6 Teacher:                  Mrs C McMurdo

Teaching Assistants:          Ms Callaghan


PPA Cover:                         Mrs G Pattison


PLIP Staff

Whole School:                    Miss N Kenny

Key Stage One:                   Mrs Finch

Key Stage Two:                   Ms A Lamb


Office Staff

Secretary:                           Mrs J Cooney

Parent Liaison Officer:        Mrs R Mc Morris


Site Supervisor:                  Mr F Burgon


Lunchtime Supervisors and Kitchen Staff

Mrs D Watson

Mrs P Hunter

Miss D Close

Mrs C Burder


Contract Services

Mrs B Connor

Mrs A Temple

Mrs S Waddup