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Whole School Curriculum Intent Statement

St Bega's Catholic Primary School

Whole School Curriculum Statement



Learning lasts a lifetime and is not just for school years. At St Bega’s we know we only have the children with us for a short time but we understand how important that time is in setting our children up for lifelong learning.

At St Bega’s we know that every child is special. We recognise the community around us and respect the many backgrounds and experiences our children come from.

With these things in mind, our curriculum is built on ideas that are at the heart of our overall dreams for our children. We believe it is important for our children to become lifelong learners. They will be actively involved in their own learning, as well as learning to work with others; learning together as well as from each other. Learning will be culturally rich in that it will give the children knowledge and experiences that they would not normally have if they were not at St Bega’s. We are determined that every child meets and achieves their potential with knowledge that is valuable, meaningful and connected, preparing them for their future, with a drive to always want to learn more.



Skills and knowledge are taught discretely in subject areas so that our children gain a broad and deep understanding of each subject, knowing exactly which subject they are studying.  The curriculum is designed to build upon prior knowledge and experience, in a well sequenced and meaningful way, allowing children to draw up prior learning and connect new concepts and ideas. Staff use their knowledge of the curriculum to make regular connections between key themes and topics within individual subjects. This allows children to knit information together and understand how it relates to each other.



Pupils will leave St Bega’s with a broad knowledge and understanding of a range of subjects. They will be enthusiastic readers and writers, with curiosity and motivation to learn more about the world in which they live.