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Reading Intent Statement


At St Bega’s, we intend that all children will be able to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. We want all pupils to acquire a wide vocabulary, a solid understanding of grammar and be able to spell new words by effectively applying the spelling patterns and rules they learn throughout their time at Primary School.  

We want all children to develop independence in their writing; they will be able to consider audience and purpose, presentation and handwriting and also be able to identify their own areas for improvement in all pieces of writing, editing their work effectively during and after the writing process.  



We use ‘Talk for Writing’ as a vehicle for teaching writing. This is to ensure a consistent and systematic approach to teaching the skills of writing across all cohorts from Nursery through to Year 6. Pupils are given a rich language curriculum and are encouraged and shown how to effectively use interesting and adventurous language in their writing. 

The starting point for each unit is a model text in which pupils learn and identify the key structures that may be used within a particular piece of writing.   

Teachers follow the Talk for Writing process; cold task, imitation, innovation and hot task. The cold task is used before the new Talk for writing text begins to assess the specific areas that the children will need to be taught.  

Within the imitation stage teachers plan for reading as reader where vocabulary an comprehension of the initial class text is the focus. Based on the assessment from the cold task, short bursts of writing are based around the specific skills that need to be focussed on.  

The next stage is reading as a writer, where the text is boxed up using a plot pattern and the children construct a toolkit for the genre of writing.  

During the innovation stage, there is a focus on shared writing, independent writing and red pen edit.  

After the teaching of a unit, teachers assess the hot task at the end of the unit and compare this to the cold task, picking out 3 key points to extend the learning.  

Spelling and spelling rules are continuously discussed but they are also taught discreetly. In Early Years and Key Stage 1 it is taught through Letters and Sounds phonic lessons and from Year 2 upwards the Hartlepool spelling scheme is used.  

Grammar lessons are also taught discreetly, ensuring that the areas identified from the cold task are taught and consolidated alongside the year group objectives. 

Children who need extra support are identified and individual or group interventions are put in place. 



Pupils will leave St Bega’s as competent and confident writers. They will be able to write for a range of purposes allowing them to function and achieve within society. They will be fluent in their writing ability which will allow them to access all areas of the curriculum as they move on with their learning journey and onto their chosen path for the future.