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English includes:

¨ Speaking and Listening

¨ Reading

¨ Writing


English is an integral part of the whole school curriculum and has many cross-curricular links within daily teaching.


Speaking and Listening

Speaking is fundamental to a pupil's learning. Pupils are encouraged and helped to speak clearly, confidently and with expression in order to communicate ideas and feelings. Similarly, and just as important is the need to listen to others and respond appropriately. All children are provided with opportunities in all areas of the curriculum to develop skills in speaking and listening.



We aim to develop a love of reading and therefore encourage our pupils to take books home and share them with you. Children need to be able to read with understanding, for pleasure and for information. We have found that just ten minutes’ one-to-one reading at home with an adult can make a huge positive difference to the children, and therefore we have included this as part of homework each evening.

Pupils' reading is consistently assessed and the children use a variety of schemes and guided work to improve their skills, ability and confidence. As pupils go through the school they are given more responsibility for selecting materials to read.



We believe it is important that children see their work as having purpose and that they regard themselves as authors of their work. Opportunities are provided for pupils to develop the necessary writing skills required for different purposes and audiences. The link between reading and writing is strongly emphasised. We assess the children using “APP” resources and keep ongoing records and tracking to reflect and assess the work your child completes; this provides an invaluable ongoing record of achievement. Writing is an essential skill for all aspects of learning and life.