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Geography Intent Statement


In Geography, children are taught a skills and knowledge based curriculum. During this time, key Geographical themes and concepts will be used to allow connections to be made between topics (units of work) and for prior learning to be built on.  Children will develop curiosity and fascination about the world in which they live.  

We want our children to develop a real sense of who they are, their heritage, why our local area is so unique and special and how this fits into the wider world. 

Children will be taught to develop their geographical skills and understanding of geographical concepts allowing them to connect their developing knowledge of the subject.   




Topics are sequenced in a way that allows prior knowledge to be built upon and skills and understanding to be transferred between topics. Key vocabulary will be taught throughout different topics and used to strengthen understanding.  Children will be taught to develop their geographical skills: using maps and atlases to locate places and using positional language, compass points and grid references to describe locations. 

Through the teaching of Geography, we provoke thoughts and questions, while encouraging children to discover and explore the answers.  



Pupils will have a vast understanding of the world they live in, from where they live at home, to the wider world around them. Pupils will have developed their knowledge and understanding of Geography in such a way that they are able to make connections between different thoughts, ideas and concepts.