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History Intent Statement


In History, children are taught a skills and knowledge based curriculum. During this time, key  concepts will be used to allow connections to be made between topics (units of work) and for prior learning to be built on.   

We want our children to develop a deep understanding of, as well as a curiosity and fascination to learn more about, how history has influenced their lives today. Children will understand how different periods of time in history and the lives of significant people, have impacted on the world. 



Topics are sequenced in a way that allows prior learning to be built upon and skills and understanding to be transferred between topics. This will allow children to build a clear picture of where periods of history fit together in time and how they relate to and impact on other periods in history.   

Children will be taught to use a range of sources to enquire about and explore a range of key periods of time as well as significant people in history. They will be taught to ask questions, think critically, consider evidence and arguments and to develop their own perspective and judgements. They will consider changes within living memory as well as how to chronologically place periods of history in time and understand how they relate to and impacted on one another. 

During the Spring term, the whole school explores the rich and fascinating history of our local area.  Where possible and appropriate educational visits are planned. 



Pupils will have a deep understanding of the history of the world they live in, from local history of where they live, to the history of the wider world around them. Pupils will have developed their knowledge and understanding of History in such a way that they are able to make connections between different thoughts, ideas and concepts across different periods of time in History.