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Maths in Early Years


In line with our whole school approach, the White Rose Maths scheme is used as a mathematic planning tool in both Nursery and Reception.  We implement our maths approach through quality first whole class teaching with the scheme being adapted as necessary to meet the mathematical development of our children in real time.


In Nursery, our children are constantly exposed to numbers in the environment, we have a weekly number focus and all number experiences are given a meaningful purpose. Mathematical opportunities and activities are made available across all of our Nursery areas. Throughout the Nursery sessions our children are encouraged to use number names in their play and ask questions and make comments about the numbers they encounter.

In Reception, children experience daily whole class mathematic teaching. Additionally, and in line with our Bega’s Blue Star Number whole school initiative, rapid daily sessions are dedicated to recognising and ordering numbers 0-20. A maths area in class provides children with the opportunity to access a range of concrete mathematical resources and expert adult interactions further support the mathematical development of our children. A feature of our recovery curriculum is that all children in the Reception class complete a daily adult directed number activity during the morning session.