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The maths framework is split into 7 strands:

1.Using and applying mathematics

2.Counting and understanding number

3.Knowing and using number facts


5.Understanding shape


7.Handling data


These strands are taught within blocks throughout the academic year. The blocks are revisited termly, so that in each term, your child will receive teaching from all areas of the maths curriculum. We develop pupils’ confidence and enthusiasm and encourage them to apply their mathematical skills and knowledge to the world around them through stimulating experiences. We also encourage the development of the ‘Thinking Child’ through the planning of our lessons. All pupils receive a daily mathematics session of at least one hour. There are a variety of resources to support our teaching of maths including practical equipment, textbooks and ICT based resources. Alongside our teaching of maths we value regular practice at home – such as times tables and number bonds. Children are assessed regularly in mathematics and they are tracked consistently through the use of APP.