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Science Intent Statement


At our school, we believe in the importance of a high-quality science education.  Advances in science have shaped so many parts of modern life, particularly in light of the current climate, and so we aim to nurture all pupils’ curiosity, and to prepare our children for their futures in our changing world, through experiencing a well-balanced science curriculum. 


Children will be given opportunities to expand their knowledge across topics in biology, chemistry and physics through carefully planned, varied experiences including investigations and links to science within real life and our local area.    



Teachers plan and deliver lessons built to challenge children’s ability to work scientifically.  Children will understand where their learning fits into the different areas of study (biology, chemistry and physics). Staff aim to generate high quality discussion using a variety of resources.   Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way science is an integral part of our everyday modern life.  

Children’s written and verbal responses are valued equally; staff encourage and model key scientific vocabulary.   



Pupils will leave St. Bega’s with a natural curiosity across the different areas of study within Science, which prepares them well for their future in the modern, changing world. They will have an understanding of where science fits within real life, particularly within the local area in which they live.