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Spanish Intent


At St Bega’s Catholic Primary School, we want to provide our children with opportunities that will open their minds to other cultures and enable them to communicate with the wider world. Through the teaching of Spanish, we intend to provide our children with a love of learning languages, which will inspire them to learn other languages. We intend our children to learn new ways of thinking, be able to express their thoughts and feelings in another language, and recognise for themselves, the opportunities that learning a new language can bring. 



Our progression of skills document for Spanish shows how skills are built upon from Early Years. Children in Early Years and KS1 begin enjoying Spanish through singing songs and playing games. From Year 2 onwards more specific skills for speaking, listening, reading and writing are introduced and built upon.  

Weekly lessons expose the children to the language and culture as they learn through games, songs, paired work and whole class work. The children have many opportunities to communicate with each other in Spanish as they learn key words, phrases and basic conversation and communication skills. The children will be taught to understand the basic grammar and structure of Spanish as well as correct punctuation and intonation needed. 



Children will leave St. Bega’s being able to communicate effectively in a foreign language. They will have an awareness of the possibilities, that being able to communicate in another language can bring.